Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Natural Hair Blues!

Hey everyone!
Recently I was in a funk about my natural hair. When i began transitioning I pictured summer days just washing my hair and going. Now that it is summer I was my hair and go but cringe when I have to face the broken ends! I suffer from severe heat damage from pressing without a good heat protectant and dry hair from harsh water. I was ready to relax when I logged onto my youtube account to find my fellow blogger Erin of Scandalous Beauty experiencing the same dilemma!
I'm willing to give being natural another try and will continue to do my research. I also welcome all tips!
In the meantime here's Erin

Ladies, want an awesome summer glow? or do you shy away from the sun afraid of getting darker? Well one of my summer essentials hands down is Carols Daughter Gelee de Soleil Browning Oil. I have to admit when this tiny bottle arrived I was quite disappointed! However a little of this browning potion going a long way. Carols Daughter Browning Oil leaves your skin soft and oppose to me just getting darker my skin has a glow! My Boyfriend even slathered some on while vacationing in miami and although he tans beautifully he noticed the difference the oil made! Next time your surfing the Carols Daughter, Macy's, and Sephora sites grab a bottle!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fresh Out of the Oven.....

Baked eyeshadow are not only pretty to look at some have amazing pigments! The color combinations create one of a kind colors that will make any look POP!

From the top: Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow, Lorac Starry Eyed Shadow Trio, Two Faced Galaxy Glam

A little insurance

In need of a great primer to make your eyeshadow POP! Try Two Faced cosmetics Shadow Insurance. I was completely amazed how a dab of this product made a huge difference in the appearance of my shadow. Shadow Insurance has been one of TF's bestsellers so word is getting out! And the best part its only $17 bucks!

Check out!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Sorry everyone i have been gone for so computer has been sitting in the corner broken and i almost cried when i called tech support and they told me they would have to completely erase everything from my computer and because my mouse is broken there was no was for me to save it to a back up disk. So a week or so went by before the obvious popped into my brain...duh purchase a new external mouse..i know genius right! well divas and divos i am back in business this new external mouse shall hold me over until i muster up the courage to part ways and end my computer to gateway....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Confessions of a beauty writer...

So its always nice to have party friends right? You know the ppl who are great to hang out with friday thru sunday but dont really have any goals outside of that! Well im sad to say thats the make up of my friend circle . I am an aspiring beauty editor with other long term goals looking to network with other beauty insiders so if you ever have any tips , informaton ,or just want to keep in contact me email me :)


So we all remember when Beyonce sported the leopard print eyeshadow in her kitty kat video right? Well if you have thought about recreating the look and thought it was way too much work I have found a solution for you! I was blown away when i was introduced to COLOR On..this past weekend. COLOR On is an instant eyeshadow applicator that unbelievably looks like real eyeshadow and not a stencil! COLOR On has recently been featured on the Tyra Banks show, Glamour , and ELLE magazines. Not really into the leopard eyeshadow? no problem, everyday shadow can be done in an instant! Pre packaged shadows can be purchased as well as customized applicators in 5,10, or 20 packs. So check out the website and see for yourself!